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COVID-19 Consumer Impact Reports

Over the past months, the Time + Space team has been working closely with our partners to reshape their marketing strategies to reflect the changes in consumer media consumption.

We have created several insightful reports to provide guidance and clarity on consumer behaviour and how brands can navigate and win as they reshape their strategies. 



First Edition

Originally Published April 2020

Inside you will find a report outlining the major shifts we are seeing in consumer attention, from digital to broadcast. We have also provided guidance on what winning brands are doing today to reshape not only market narrative but to also market share in the future.

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Second Edition

Originally Published May 2020

Inside you will see how brands are winning as consumer uncertainty continues, we also highlight brands who are pivoting to win. This report also spotlights the trends we are seeing in both consumer attention and advertising.

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Third Edition

Originally Published October 2020

Inside you will see how consumers are using discretionary spending and focusing on essentials. We also go into the possibilities for the holidays and how marketers can come out on top. 

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COVID-19 Consumer Impact Report


Fourth Edition

Originally Published November 2020

In this, our fourth edition of the COVID-19 Consumer Impact reports, we take a look at how social media usage and streaming has spiked and what this means for advertisers. And as consumers look toward messaging in advertisements that don't focus on the crisis, what's next?

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Fifth Edition

Originally Published January 2021

Inside this edition of our impact report we focus on how the unsteady finances of the Canadian population are causing households to budget. We also look at how consumers have utilized online shopping and how brands can use this to an advantage. 

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Sixth Edition

Originally Published March 2021

Our insight reports continue as more vaccines are distributed and brick-and-mortar stores begin to re-open. In this edition, we focus on the behaviours of individuals as they search for ease in their everyday and their purchasing. 

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Seventh Edition

Originally Published May 2021

Consumer spending and ad spending is trending upward across industries. As companies begin to open we take a look at what consumer behaviour may look like in the "new normal".

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